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Running journal

pic by flickr user melissahvongo

As you may have noticed, I have stopped posting daily updates of my running results weeks ago. Posting my running data isn't a motivator for me anymore and I think it's become obvious to everyone who knows me that I spend a fair amount of time each week nestled in my running shoes, thumping away on the asphalt.

When I first started running a little over a year and a half ago, I was basking in the transformative process. I really enjoyed writing the running data posts. The extra time to go over the material, making minor adjustments to my running schedule, and observing my physique change (not just in the mirror but in the numbers) was very engrossing. Each day presented me with new insights into my own running style and ability. It was exciting and definitely something I wanted to share.

These days, though, I'm very comfortable with my running schedule and running is completely integrated into my life. There are very few surprises that pop up now. I run 40+ miles a week, every week. With the exception of the tapering I'll be doing in a few weeks to prepare for the San Francisco marathon, my running schedule is usually consistent.

As I nod off to sleep (this is why I shouldn't post before going to bed, lol) I'm thinking about running and how it has affected me beyond the pace times and distances. I'm also thinking I should have had a larger dinner tonight after running an impromptu half-marathon around my neighborhood after work, lol.


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