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Ikigami manga

I just wrapped up a couple mangas this weekend, one of them being the first volume of Ikigami, The Ultimate Limit. Set in contemporary Japan, the story builds off the premise that the Japanese government feels its people aren't recognizing how precious life is. To remedy this, they pass The National Welfare Act to coax people into living life to the fullest.

Under the act, all children are given an injection during elementary school. 1 in 1000 are injected with a capsule that will kill them before they reach the age of 25. Nobody knows who gets the capsules with the injection so the hope is people will take advantage of every opportunity to live well.

Those who are scheduled to die receive an Ikigami, a death notice, alerting the person when they have 24 hours to live. The stories in volume 1 revolved around two Ikigami recipients and the agent who delivers the death notices. As these vignettes unravel, Motoro Mase (the manga's creator) explores the lives of the recipients and how they react after receiving notification. Riding along with these pieces, the agent's own impressions of the process are explored as well.

The first volume was entertaining, thought-provoking, and touching at times. I won't say anything else here except that I enjoyed it and I recommend it to anyone who likes mangas that tackle issues of an individual's place/role in society.

I noticed there is also a film adaptation of Ikigami, which I'm going to check out as soon as I finish the available volumes of the manga.

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