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Three most played video games, EVAR!

X-posted from a response in gamers.

I've logged a lot of hours playing World of Warcraft, and I've spent many a late night gaming across many genres on home gaming consoles. Amazingly, the three games I've spent the most hours playing are all sports titles from the 8-bit and 16-bit era.

Baseball Stars (NES)Baseball Stars (NES) - This is probably my favorite baseball game of all time. The game supported custom created teams, you could name the team, pick the colors of the uniforms, and rename the players to whatever you liked. The game also included a player creator. Complete team and player customization, arcade gameplay to keep the action moving, stat tracking, and a decent season mode made this one of the best baseball games of the 8-bit era and a constant play for my friends and I when I was younger. Hundreds of hours were spent playing this sports gem. Preferred snacks: Del Taco, Jack in the Box, and Dr. Pepper.

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 (SNES)Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 (SNES) - This baseball game I played a few years later with another friend of mine. This game also supported custom created teams and players and the ability to track stats over a regular season. The twist with this game was an Ultra league of teams that sported special abilities, kind of like the abilities in Mario Baseball. The challenge was to play as regular, non-powered up teams against the Ultra teams. We worked over the CPU opponents easily and each season always came down to the head-to-head match-ups against me and my friend. Another title I logged hundreds of hours playing. We were so into this game that we kept a notebook to record season standings and stat leaders for each year. Too much time on my hands, lol. Preferred snacks: Taco Bell, Dr. Pepper.

NHL 94 (Genesis)NHL '94 (Genesis) - Still my favorite hockey game to play, period. Yes, there are games out there that create a more realistic hockey experience. I don't care, I love NHL '94 because it almost perfectly nails the arcade hockey experience. Teams play horrible defense, goalies can be mugged by players, some players have ridiculous hitting abilities. Again, hundreds of hours playing against a friend of mine. Many late nights ending with him yelling at me to leave his house and never come back, lol. Side note: This is also the hockey game being played during a scene in the 1996 film 'Swingers'. Preferred snacks: Del Taco, Dr. Pepper

I've played a lot of games. Some were better than these and many were worse. While World of Warcraft creeps its way closer, these three console games remain hours upon hours ahead of anything else I've played. Yeah, I played a lot of sports games. Not so much anymore, lol.



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